Only with 1 cup water and 2 tablespoons of salt, a group of young Filipino made lanterns for 8 hours, and even can be used to charge the phone battery.

Salt lamps are lit 8 hours when operated with a glass of water and two teaspoons of salt.


Many areas of more than 7,000 islands in the Philippines has yet to reach the power source, so after sunset, the people in the island to use light from oil lamps or candles. But the price is cheaper, but they are harmful to the environment and human health.


This has compelled a start-up company here proceed to build a better solution with Salt lamps, light source replacement by sustainable low-cost, safe, environmentally friendly, and can illuminate for 8 hours but only thanks to a glass of water and two teaspoons of salt.


Cheap and available


Aisa Mijeno - Engineer and a member of the Peace Corps in the Philippines has given green idea to Salt after she had time to live with the tribe's aboriginal Butbut, they still have to depend on lights Oil and moonlight to perform daily tasks after dark.


She sought to replace the light source with a secondary inconvenience which the Philippine archipelago has a lot, which is salt water. With the application of the infinite sea water, residents on the islands can be equipped with useful lights anytime, anywhere.




Raw materials and components made to Salt merely a saline solution that can not cause a fire accident, contrary to the anxiety of the family must rely on kerosene lamps as light sources.


Environmentally friendly


According to a study conducted by the United Nations, the Philippines is the No. 3 national disaster risks around the world. And in disaster situations such as major floods, earthquakes - a steady supply of food, water and light are essential.


A lamp capable of use in both the short and long term with common materials, are easy to find is extremely necessary for the household. On the other hand, Salt no toxic emissions and carbon so environmentally friendly.


Activities based on simple principles


SALT activity LEDs based on an electrochemical cell (galvanic cell battery). In these batteries, the electrolyte solution is simply salt water which has placed two electrodes. This principle is commonly used applications in the design of batteries for different kinds of LED lights and is the basis of renewable energy sources.


Like other batteries, charged electrodes will not last forever. Business group on said to Salt can be used for 8 hours / 1 day for about 6 months before needing replacement anode anode. The final products will generate enough power to charge smart phones via the USB port on the side of the device.


Wide application


Not only get the attention of the Filipino people that Salt also won the attention of the international community and many important awards in Southeast Asia and Asia for products with high applicability.


Initially, the company is aiming to provide about 600 to Salt for natives on the islands of the Philippines, but the company would boost production these lights to provide extensive on the market in early 2016 . Currently, the founding team is working to give a suitable price.

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